Tell us when we are doing a good job

Give us feedback on our service, ambulances and on our staff.  Were we on time?

Tell us where we need to improve

Are there any area’s you feel where we can do a better job – If so why not tell us

Help us improve our service, our staff and most especially the patient care provided


Tell us if we are not doing a good job


Do you wish to make a complaint?

Did our service not meet our customer care commitment?

Were we late?

Did you feel that you were treated unfairly?

Was a request for information ignored?

Was there an issue with a member of our staff?

A complaint can be made via post or email to

How to make a complaint

On receipt of the complaint via post an acknowledgement of receipt will be posted via registered post within 7 working days.

If made via email you will receive email confirmation of receipt of the complaint.

The processing and investigation of the complaint will be completed within 15 working days from receipt of the complaint where possible.  At all times you will be kept informed of the progress of the complaint.


Where the complaint is upheld we will endevour to rectify the situation immediately and put a corrective action in place where possible